Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Education (2nd groups' presentation)

Black education, should be the same as white, asian, or latina education, but of course, it isnt. Black education may be greater than others, or maybe even less. Black education isn't what it should be for a lot of people. Im black and my education is pretty damn good, from elementart to now, here at Howard but this group spoke on how black education is less, or not as good as it should be as compared to the education of a white person, or white schooling.

First of all there's this, No child left behind idea... bought to you by George Bush. They didn't mention the fine print though. But it was no need, they gave other details and opinions on this policy to convey its real meaning to a black student. This group feeled as if that policy wasn't of any use. Pretty much that teachers, who barely can teach, or who should teach better simply pass students on to get rid of them. Instead of actually helping them, or retaining them until they mastered the concept, they send their problem on to the next person. Thus, a 6th grade reading level black student is a senior with a major lack of knowledge in high school. THIS is detrimental. This helps no one in any way. That black student probably ends up on welfare or inconcerated or lost in the world. They never had actual help and here is a time when they began to realize they actually need it. Too late.

I dont remember if they mentioned it, but I would have added that if a young black child isn't smart or athletic/ talented they fit in no where. They can't pass test nor will they be accepted for any sports or clubs. It's sad. It's even more sad that teachers have this point of view- a black child can only make it through athletics or musical talent. Maybe we should rethink black education. Maybe it's not up to par in comparison with other educations. This is a problem in the black community and drastic measures are encouraged if there is to be any change.

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