Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sex Sells (1st Groups' presentation)

The presentation was interesting. They did exactly what they needed to do to grab my attention. Post a few naked/ censored pictures up,  and BAM... I'm looking. Pretty much the basically spoke on how several black people make it in the acting/ music business solely off of their looks and how they portray themselves. They compared a two black woman who are very successful as of today, who took two very different routes. I must say the comparison was far off, and these two people have no correlation at all, but I understood their overall point.

They compared the one and only Queen Latifah with nascent rapper/singer Nikki Minaj. A powerful, respected black woman vs. a feign, commercialized young lady. While they both are black woman, who have of had rapping careers, they are on two totally different scales in my opinion. First of all, they come from 2 completely opposite generations. Back in the day, sex still was selling, but things were less obvious. For women, there wasnt any need to be naked- maybe show a little thigh, cleavage, wear make-up, or be seductive. However today, you ass, breast and legs must be out. A woman might as well not wear anything. The queen rapped about peace, unity, and good life. On the other hand, Minaj raps abouts money, women, men, sex, and drugs. They have two totally different goals.

I did like the presentation though, and I understood that they were simply trying to prove how its unnecessary to portray oneself is such a blunt, slutty manner. Basically, if she can do it, so can you. They mentioned that people who don't sell sex are less recognized. Yes it's sought of true. So people go where the money is- sex business. I think they should have compared people of this time and age, instead of a activist woman in her 40s with a young rapper repping Young Money. Good job though.

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