Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Does the portryal of black culture in hip hop undermine black advancement?

   Does it!? Well, there is of course several ways to view the effects of hip-hop on black advancement. First of all, I feel that if one is going to be successful and advance, one must have motivation, help, and fortitude. Those 3 contents are helpful to anyone of any color or race. So, as far as the portrayal of blacks in hip hop, I can't say it destroys or really weakens black advancement, as much as it makes it more difficult. Hip hops' portray does indeed makes it more difficult for blacks, because a bias is created. Blacks are viewed as illiterate, or nothing more than a gangster or street rat. Hip hop shows both the gruesome and "non-moralistic" side of blacks, but also the poetic, vividly imaginative, and creative side. The media focuses most on the negative though because its what listeners want to hear- the disrespect, the killings, the drugs, the abuse, the womanizing, the hate, the sex, the scandals...the..the SENSATIONALISM!
   Forgetting about or shall I say ignoring the positive. Positives including what blacks are becoming and stepping up doing today- (Becoming presidents, owning businesses, becoming billionaires, multi-millionaires, etc...) Blacks are still advancing, they just have more to prove. Like a boyfriend #2. I'm black and I love hip hop, every bit of it! Candidly, I can say that hip hop only makes me more tough and more streetwise. It gives me insight on how to protect myself and on the type of mindset to have in life. However, I'm attending Howard University, I was and will continue to be an excellent student with 4.0 GPA. Nothing in hip hop will hinder me. But I'm sure it will create questions in the heads of my future teacher, bosses, and associates as to what type of person I am as a young black woman. Whether my mind is hip-hop polluted and if I relate with any of the actions mentioned in random songs they may have overheard.
   Overall, the effects of hip-hop aren't potent enough that we should hold a rally, prohibiting, or arguing against, or boycotting the sales of it. Instead, it makes much more sense to live in spite of hip-hop and add it to the list of accomplishment and talents of blacks. This subject goes on...and on.. right?

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