Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Legacy, My Legacy, Our Legacy

Who are you? From where, did you come? Why are you here?

Above are 3 simple questions that a vast majority of the population would probably fail to answer correctly. Even the most knowledgeable person may find it arduous to reply to with facts. Reason being is that, to answer these questions, one needs not only knowledge, but wisdom. DEFINITIONS!!

  • Knowledge:  bodies of truth accumulated in the course of time
  • Wisdom: knowledge that is true and coupled with insight

  Though a person can be considered intelligent, smart, or bright, it doesn't mean they have the power to solve problems. You must learn to acquire wisdom in order to solve problems. One who lacks insight can not really help, and if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Moreover, each problem is a lack of knowledge. Neither of the two, knowledge nor wisdom is innate, or comes easily. Both come with time, patience, and experience, furthermore reading and watching. I was told that this is the "Problem Solving Generation". This is the "Knowledge Revolution". I am a part of it. As Obama once stated "This is OUR time, and yes, I am definitely including myself in the "our".
  Thanks to generations, past, I have the ability to learn easily, by listening and reading. I have access to technology, and access to the most sophisticated knowledge known to man, the Human Genome System. It is a highly advanced and prestigious system that has the ability to show the entirety of an organisms' hereditary composition. How amazing is that? We can actually trace our roots; find out who we are; where we are from, and in the end infer our reason for being here. Despite the period in time when separation and dislocation from African roots forced temporary abandonment of Wisdom as the ultimate goal of learning. It was the African way, to always be wise, and knowledgeable. However, Africans knew, that while knowledge is power, Wisdom is supreme.
  Howard University is a school that focuses on the "abandonment, dismemberment, and the reawakening of history, African history and ways of becoming better. Here at Howard we focus on the legacy of Africans. We take it back to the roots. The mother, her 23- chromosomes, the DNAs' imprinted on each chromosome that specifically directs how the body as a whole shall be made. It gets that deep. It science, and science is a tool for demonstrating the quality of the thoughts you have. The lecture today was rather different. It was about, what I'd consider the basics, but it was from a different point of view..more pedantic. As a result of the lecture, I realized that you aren't successful with just knowledge alone. It takes way more, which I've been new, but now I know delve more into it. I have a more precise route to take in everything I do.
I know who I am, where I've come from and as time goes on, I will show my reason for being.

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