Sunday, September 5, 2010

Their Credit, My Peoples' Pain

I've heard so many different stories. I've seen so many different views. I'll believe what I choose to believe, depending on the various clues.

From slavery to now, from sky to ground, there are so many incredible opinions floating around. Is there a God or is there not, should it be illegal to smoke pot; (being that it God given).

Do we know where the first bones were discovered or just what the "White Man" said, Do we know what happened during the times of all these people who are now dead.

I feel that its impossible to know the whole truth, nevertheless it's mad important for todays' youth.. to know what really went down, to understand their background...

When all is figured out, then all shall be sound

This is another subject, that creates blogs to edit.. this is another blog explaining my peoples' pain and their credit..

  I've learned somethings, and also refreshed my mind. I was lectured the other day on a little bit of African accomplishments. It was rather refreshing. It was like the "n" in algebra problems you have to find. Unfortuantely, in my past History and Geography classes I was never THIS informed. Most information insinuated further meaning or evaluation, but never gave me the exacts, or any formula to decode. But last Thursday was amazing. Things started to actually make sense. For instance, I heard about the skeleton discovered by some young men, who named the skeleton Lucy, and played the Beatles Hit Classic, "Lucy in the Sky"...I've also heard about the Mayan calender and how the months are seemingly off. Like, how is Octo, meaning 8 but October is the 11th month, and September, like something was altered there. I began to listen more to this seemingly biased lecture (as they all are), yet, I started to agree with some statements and put everything together. 
  In addition, I refer back to what I've learned about the Sesh, Djehuti, and how he used symbols for numbers and letters, what we call hieroglyphics. The seshat job was to count everything thus, she already had some sought of calculator. This was in Africa. Language and Math had already been invented by my people. Yet, we aren't accoladed for calculators and words. Moreover, the pyramids, structures that continue to stand til this day. Architecture! No man can figure out how to build such beauty. No man but a descendant of thy man who formulated the plot of creating it.
  I understand how Djehuti was a symbol of intelligence. I understand how he was borrowed by the Greeks and turned Hermes and by the Romans, and turned Mercury. Ha! A planet. I understand why they'd take such stunning accomplishments and make them as their own. It was simple, easy, and they had the power and lack of heart to do such. SO, in the end we've given them the credit, they've screwed over all they could. But hard proof is all that matters. Though I say, "their credit, my peoples' pain", I remember Pain is nothing, but weakness leaving the body.    :Zdii K!

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  1. On Thursday, I must say that I was wowed not only by the thundorus voice behind the great presentation, but by the strength that is the appreciation for Howard University and the history of, the equally great, African people. The word mbongi is one that since thursday has meant more than just classroom and another hour of my life spent, but it means collection of hearts, minds, and spirits: a village. A village that in order to work at utmost efficiency must have an understanding that every single individual plays a vital role in the development of the village. But I digress, thursdays Freshman seminar really tested my knowledge of egyptian language, tradition, and history where I learned so much that my attitude toward the seminar as a whole changed.

    The egyptians brought so much to the table that is the modern world that the history of europe would not have been the same without Egypt. Plato expressed his deep ties to Egypt more than through visiting and studying Heliopolis, but recognizing that without Egypt, Europe would not have been what it was. This idea was encouraged in the powerpoint through the timeline where one could see that "European" history was really limited to only a couple hundred years and "Egyptian" spanned over a much longer period.

    So much wonderful information that I look forward to the next class.