Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More than strategic, Black Presidential Politics... Dr. R. Walters

      I would first like to give my condolences to the loved ones of Dr. Ronald Walters and may he rest in peace. Taken at age 72, he had much more living to do, but I'm sure God called him home for a reason. A reason that is very much noticeable to all who either know him or researched him. This amazing man has LIVED...learned, taught, changed, made, helped, succeeded, intrigued, and much more! From his protest on segregation to his becoming a leading scholar of the politics race, this man has done it all.

     There are numerous contributions from Dr. Walters that I could mention. Moreover, he has given an abundance of nourishment for today's society. I would certainly like to announce the fact that Walters has written 13 books and records of articles on racial politics. More specific, Dr. Walters is the author of a particular book titled, Black Presidential Politics in America: A Strategic Approach, written in 1988. The text essentially predicts a black presidency and states how it could possibly be executed. New York Times quoted Pat Walters, his lifetime partner saying, "...the night President Obama was elected.. we were stunned, elated and immediately fell into each other’s arms and started crying. My husband looked me in the eyes and said, ‘This is the vision I was trying to present when I wrote the book, that this was a great possibility.’ ”

    This starts to resemble a miracle; such an event that its considered as a work of God. Sometimes, I guess it is possible to predict the future. Dr. Walters explained in his book how black  people used presidential elections to increase their influence on politics, and it also observes the election process, primaries, and both the Democratic and Republican convention. I haven't yet read this book, but I've researched it and skimmed through the pages. I know its filled with deliciously juicy material and it has made it on my list of future readings. I wonder what exactly was said in the text about a black president and I would like to compare Dr. Walters's idea of having a black president to the reality of having a black president. My brief research has opened my eyes in a new direction, and I shall soon acquire more knowledge on the information.
           ~Zhurdii k

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